It Really Isn't Garbage
By Daniel Einbender © Mindbender Publishing

It really isnít garbage till you mix it all together.
It really isnít garbage till you throw it away.
So separate you paper, plastic, compost, glass and metal.
And then you get to use it all another day.

Thereís garbage in the basement. Thereís garbage in the bathroom.
Thereís garbage in the kitchen, and in the backyard too.
Sometimes it feel like weíre filliní up the world with garbage.
And that kind of talk gives me the garbage blues.

Donít put it in a landfill. It gets in your drinking water.
Youíll hurt the fish and beaches if you throw it in the sea.
We all have to recycle itís the solution to pollution.
Donít leave it up to others itís up to you and me.

Well there are some folks who say. We really ought to burn it.
It makes new jobs and creates electricity.
But if youíre gonna to burn it, well then youíre gonna breath it.
And what youíre gonna breath, Oh thereís no guarantee.
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