Donít Be A Drip
By Kevin Kopp ©Kevin Kopp

Donít Be a Drip. Turn Off the Faucet.
Just Do Your Bit. Turn Off the Faucet.
Donít Throw a Fit. Turn Off the Faucet.
ĎCause Itís Simple to Do.
Donít Be a Drip. Turn Off the Faucet.

It takes 25 gallons of water to take a bath.
Each time you flush a toilet itís five more down the path.
Now Iím not telling you to go be dirty and skip you bath.
But I just think itís good to know some simple facts.

Your Mom and Dads they work real hard to take good care of you.
You can help them out by saving water too.
ĎCause if the faucet leaks or the toilet run just see if they can fix it.
ĎCause wasting water wastes money so you should fix it.

Being in school or on vacation is not excuse.
To be careless and wasteful with your water use.
If you think of all the water youíll save you might just say.
Well I could have been wasteful but itís not the right way.
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