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Whatís Rain Got To Do With It?
By Terry Britten and Graham Lyle (New words W. Grummun & K. Kopp)
© Wb Music Corp. And Kobalt Music Pub America Inc Goodsingle Limited

Whatís rain got to with it, got to do with it? Whatís rain, but an element of nature?
Whatís rain got to do with it, got to do with it? Who needs the rain, well, all living things do.
We all understand that the rain on the land keeps the Earth alive (earth alive).
Itís only the thrill of a natural spill that helps the Plants survive (plants survive).
 Oh, itís physical (physical), ecological (ecological),
Why donít we explore, cause rain means more than that.

It washes the air when it comes down from there, and it soaks the ground (soaks the ground).
Above and below the earth it will flow as its life abounds, (life abounds).
Oh itís beautiful (beautiful), so valuable (valuable),
Without that gift of life we never could survive.

The rivers rise up and the lakes they will fill as it spills on down (spills on down).

Helps fruit trees and crops, the birds and the bees that we need so much (need so much).
Oh itís so nourishing (nourishing), as its flourishing (flourishing)
Waterís everywhere we need to be aware
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