Little Blue Top
By Tony Hughes © 1970, Tony Hughes

Round and round goes the little blue top. Whirling and twirling with never a stop.
Dappled with white, dappled with brown. The little blue top keeps turning around.

There's wild raging oceans and proud mountain chains.
Green peaceful valleys and wide grassy plains.
Families of life that each setting contains. Dolphins and spiders and tigers and cranes.

And there's red folks and white folk and yellow folk, too.
Brown folk and black folk to name just a few.
Some green with envy and others who are blue. Mothers and Fathers with babies just new.

There's teachers and lawyers and medicine men.
Places to go to and people who've been.
Others who stay home and tend to the shop. And they all turn around on the little blue top.

But some of us are greedy and some of us don't care.
'Cause we're fouling the waters and poisoning the air.
If we don't try hard to make ourselves stop. We might make a mess of this little blue top.
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