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Sensing the Seasons: (Grades Pre-K to 3)
What creates the seasons? Each new season brings changes in our environment. Spring brings the awakening of new life. Summer brings great activity and an abundance of life. Fall brings the preparation for winter and the great migrations. Winter brings the quiet times and the quest for survival. In each season, learn about the changing lives of plants and animals. Students will use their five senses and explore their own perceptions of the changing seasons.

Tremendous Trees: (Grades Pre-K to 5)
How did that tree get so big? Participants will discover trees through hands-on activities. Learning what trees need in order to grow, how they grow and what they provide us with. Reach for the sky.

Life's Adaptations: (Grades 1 to 5)
Why does that animal look that way? Participants will learn about plant and animal adaptation and how these adaptations help them survive in their environment.

Water, Water Everywhere: (Grades 4 - 7)
Will there always be enough water? Through discussion and active participation, students will discover the value of clean water. They will learn about topics such as the water cycle, point and non-point pollution, and human impact.

Nature's Web: (Grades 1 to 5)
What good are spider and snakes? Everything is connected and holds a special place in the environment. Participants explore plants and animals and make the "Web of Life." Participants learn about the basic habitat needs of all animals, as well as humans.
"Our students were able to participate in two activities with Kevin. One in the fall and Nature’s Web, in the spring, both were excellent and well worth the visit." "Wonderful programs!! The students seemed very happy to be on the trip and I believe it met their expectations. Congratulations! Good Job!”
“Excellent program. The presenter [Kevin Kopp] hooked his audience right from the start. The variety of presentation kept (students') interest.” 3rd/4th grade teacher, Clinton Public School, NJ
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